2000 Years New

Building on 2000 years of traditional oriental medicine, New Zealand deer velvet antler is emerging as a modern natural health product with many applications. Scientific research is proving what oriental medicine doctors have long known – deer velvet antler is good for you!! In clinical studies, New Zealand scientists at AgReasearch Invermay, near Dunedin, have shown that velvet can stimulate the body’s immune system. Research showed that treating human white blood cells with extracts of New Zealand velvet stimulated the immune system, as measured by increased production of white blood cells. This response – immunopotentiation in scientific terms – is the body’s defence mechanism. Increased numbers of white blood cells are produced to fight “intruder” bugs. Traditionally, velvet is used in Asia as a nourishing tonic – especially before winter – to prevent illness. It is an essential part of the “promoting wellness” rather than “curing illness” philosophy, on which oriental medicine is based. There is extensive anecdotal evidence of deer velvet antlers effectiveness , but now New Zealand is generating some rational scientific evidence to verify those claims. That is seen as an important step for New Zealand deer velvet antler in the international natural health markets, both for humans and pets.


Limping Dogs

We’re often asked questions about dogs limping, because owners get really worried that a limp means that their beloved pet has arthritis. A limp could be the first sign of a long-term problem that could turn a happy dog like the one below into a sore, unhappy shadow of his or her former self.

This isn’t always the case – just like humans, sometimes animals suffer from aches and pains that don’t necessarily signify anything serious. The limp could be caused by nothing more alarming than a simple injury; a sprain, strain or bruise and it might be as simple as a cut or a thorn or burr in their paw. It could also be related to the animal’s weight – being substantially overweight can cause joint strain during running and playing.

The best approach is to carefully inspect the sore leg and to look for any obvious problems. Check underneath the paw for cuts, look in between the pads of the paw as well and check for redness or inflammation that might indicate an infection or allergy of some sort. Inspect your dog’s toenails – long nails are common in older or less active dogs and can often cause limping. Overgrown nails need to be trimmed by a vet.

This might well give you all the information you need to diagnose and treat the problem – a small cut is easily attended to and thorns or burrs can be removed without too much trouble.

However, if this process leaves you none the wiser, then gently and carefully move the joints of the leg and feel up and down the muscles, paying close attention to your dog’s reactions. If the dog tries to pull away at a certain point, or if you feel major resistance in the range of motion, then you’ve got an indication as to where the trouble lies. Stop if your pet shows signs of serious discomfort.

A minor limp that doesn’t seem to provoke an obvious reaction might well resolve itself in a couple of days, just like it would in a human but if the injury seems to be joint related, is resulting in quite a severe limp and doesn’t go away quickly, then it’s best to get the vet involved. Don’t give your pet over-the-counter painkillers, it’s always best to get advice from a vet when it comes to the use of Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatories (NSAIDs) in animals.

The joint problem might not be related to arthritis at all, it could be something like a tendon or nerve injury, a back injury or an unstable joint but your vet is best placed to make a diagnosis, especially if X-rays or other diagnostic techniques are required.

If the diagnosis is at all related to a joint problem, or even if surgery is required for something like a cruciate ligament injury, then NZ Velvet Agility products are great choices to support your dog’s health, especially since all our formulas are totally natural and have none of the side effects of NSAIDs. They’re loaded with glucosamine, which is fabulous for joint health, and the deer velvet also offers many other benefits (click here for a more comprehensive breakdown of what’s in deer velvet). Remember, at the end of the day, natural equals safe equals effective equals happy dogs.

Relieve Joint Pain. No side effects

One of the biggest problems with conventional arthritis treatments for animals is the range of side effects these medications can cause. Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatories (NSAIDs) are often prescribed for pets with arthritis – as the Merck Veterinary Manual states:” … all NSAID have the potential for other adverse effects that should be considered in the overall management of the inflammatory process.”

The American Food and Drug Administration has insisted that information sheets are available to pet owners when NSAIDs are prescribed; these sheets detail the potential side-effects to make sure that owners understand this, so side effects are a well known issue.

Common side effects from leading NSAIDs include:

Bleeding ulcers
Liver or kidney problems
Change in bowel movement
Decrease or increase in appetite
Change in behavior (including changes in activity level, in-coordination, seizures, aggression, depression or restlessness)
Yellowing of gums, skin or whites of the eyes
Change in drinking habits
Change in urination habits or loss of bladder control
Change in skin condition
Bleeding ulcers
Liver or kidney problems

NZ Velvet Agility products are 100 % natural. They’re supplements, not medications, and as such have no side effects. They’re based upon high quality deer velvet, which makes them ideal for giving younger animals a healthy foundation, to avoid the onset of joint related problems in adult animals and to ease the discomfort of pets with joint problems. They’re also great for giving your pets extra energy and to get them back to the happy, fun loving animals you remember.